There’s nothing we like more than a well organised kitchen. Place us or stack us on your pantry shelves, and we’ll help you keep things organised. Fill us with your favourite ingredients: nuts, grains, pasta, baking essentials and more: we’ll keep all of it deliciously fresh.

The Pantry range is available in Red, White, Stainless Steel & Charcoal (not all products are available in all colours).

Lid: Polypropylene

Base: Polystyrene

Toggles: ABS

Pantry 0.6L Round
Pantry 0.9L Cube 
Pantry 1.0L Round 
Pantry 1.4L Cube 
Pantry 1.6L Round 
Pantry 1.9L Cube 
Pantry 2.3L Round 
Pantry 2.4L Round
Pantry 2.8L Cube
Pantry 3.2L Round 
Pantry 3.3L Cube 
Pantry 4.0L Round 
Pantry 4.2L Cube
Pantry 4.3L Cube
Pantry Large Cube Box Set 
Pantry Large Round Box Set
Pantry Small Cube Box Set
Pantry Small Round Box Set