4 things you didn’t know you could store with ClickClack storage containers

4 things you didn’t know you could store with ClickClack storage containers

Who said kitchenware could only be used in the kitchen? Certainly wasn’t us.

When you think ClickClack, we know your mind usually wonders to kitchen countertops or perfectly organised pantry shelves. We get it, our obsession over a well-organised kitchen is no secret but we also want to let you know of other cool ways we can help you organise your home, work, or life.

Whether you’re a working professional, freelance creative, or someone that simply appreciates home organisation – our convenient and sleek ranges can save you from tired workspaces and the higgledy-piggledy of home clutter and chaos.

Let us enlighten you with some of the handy things around your home that ClickClack can store, protect, conceal and organise.

  1. Office knick knacks

You don’t even have to tell us how home offices and workspaces can grow to become – because we know. Whether it be the pens in the way of your keyboard, the paperclips that end up on everything BUT the paper it’s supposed to serve, or the spare staples from the box you never actually opened yet somehow now line whole bottom of your draw – this is one space that can drive anyone to insanity.

These small gadgets and supplies are just some of the knick-knacks you can store in our matching ClickClack sets. Polished to look great upon your desktop, and conveniently sized to fit within draw spaces – you may find that ClickClack is the answer to your office woes.

  1. Makeup tools

You don’t have to be a professional in the makeup industry to own a hundred (or two) different brushes or tools that help with your beauty regimes. If you’re like many of us, you’ll leave them stored in the open air, or deep down in the darkest corners of your beauty draw to conceal them from dirt and dust. However, POPSUGAR recently confirmed that instead, storing makeup brushes in airtight containers significantly enhances cleanliness and durability, by protecting the bristles from hovering bacteria particles.

With ClickClack’s storage containers featuring airtight seals across all ranges, your makeup brushes could quite honestly, not be in safer hands.

  1. Fashion Accessories

If you’ve ever worn earrings before – or any jewellery or accessory for that matter – you’ll know the daily struggle of keeping each item in its designated place and in good, dust-free condition. By storing your precious items in ClickClack storage containers, not only will you preserve their durability, but you’ll also find yourself at ease when traveling or getting ready outside of the house. Instead of opening hundreds of tiny jewellery pouches, you can now open one storage container and VOILA – your sparkles await.

  1. Home Craft and Assortments

If you’re as normal as the rest of us, you’ll have at least ONE cupboard in your household that is neglected of all organisation and order. Whether its unravelled ribbons from last Christmas, or yarns of wool you just can’t find a safe place for, ClickClack storage container can save you the chaos and organise this cupboard – one good-looking solution at a time.

Do you have any cool, crafty ways to coordinate your home, work, or life with ClickClack storage containers? Don’t be shy – be kind and share them with us today!


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