Kitchen Essentials: 10 items every kitchen needs to have

Kitchen Essentials: 10 items every kitchen needs to have

Whether you are setting up a new kitchen or looking to revamp your current one, you can achieve the ultimate #kitchengoals by having it decked out with all the kitchen essentials! It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking up a storm every night or only for special occasions, having the right kitchen essentials handy will make your life easier.

We have taken the stress out of finding what you need and have compiled a rundown of all the kitchen must-haves. With this guide, you’ll be able to ignite your inner MasterChef to create simple yet delicious meals.


Good measurement tools


Kitchen scales are an excellent way to measure ingredients and manage portion control in a super easy and accurate manner, so are incredibly convenient for baking and cooking.

The kitchen scales from ClickClack’s Equip range are designed to look sleek and stylish in any kitchen and are available in black and white. But it’s not just good looks; they can measure up to 5kgs in weight and are super easy to clean. They allow you to measure your ingredients quickly and conveniently, which means you spend less time cooking and more time enjoying your delicious meals!

Another handy kitchen gadget must-have is a good set of measuring cups and spoons. The ClickClack Measuring Set features magnetic nesting. Thanks to their magnetic backs, the eight different spoons and cups stick together. Simply put, you don’t lose each piece as you use them over time, and they stay clutter-free when you store them in the drawer.


Stock up for your winter cooking


To create all those delicious winter warmer recipes, it is vital you ensure you have a potato masher. The Metal Potato Masher by Click Clack features a non-slip handle and durable stainless-steel head that gets into all the corners of your pot.

We love the versatility of a masher. This little tool can make things from potato mash, winter stews, apple sauces and the ultimate crowd-pleaser, guacamole.

In addition, a new ladle is a perfect way to get motivated to make yummy soups and stews this winter season.


The versatile pizza wheel


In our opinion, one of the most underrated gadgets is the pizza wheel. This tool is the best way to cut delicious pizzas, making it the perfect accompaniment for a Friday night in or family pizza night. The pizza wheel is also great for events and birthday parties when you are under time pressure to serve hungry guests.

Plus, you can use your pizza wheel to chop up spaghetti, slice and dice herbs, cut perfect quesadillas and shred lettuce for tacos or salads. We also love to use the cutter to slice up sandwiches into shapes to make eating lunch fun for the kids.

Our pizza wheel features a sharp stainless-steel blade and non-slip handle, so don’t miss out on this perfect little kitchen gadget!


Invest in high-quality peelers to make your life easier

No matter what level you’re at when it comes to cooking, every kitchen needs a vegetable peeler. Peelers are absolutely kitchen essentials! From skinning carrots to peeling potatoes, a great peeler is essential for cooking success. At ClickClack, we offer two different styles of peelers: Swivel and Y peeler.

The swivel peeler, also known as C peeler, is popular amongst home cooks as it feels very natural and is easy to use. The Y peeler takes a bit to get used to as instead of moving back and forth, you start at the bottom and move the skin towards you. It is often the preferred choice in a professional environment. A lot of people get both and use them depending on the goods they want to peel.

Our peelers come with a comfortable non-slip handle and a sharp blade to cut through the toughest skin.


Glass containers to heat & freeze your leftovers

ClickClack’s heatproof Cook+ glass containers are a safe and efficient way of storing and heating leftovers. Featuring a high-temperature silicone lid and glass base, the Cook+ range can go in the fridge, freezer, oven or microwave, making it a must-have kitchen essential.

The range comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, meaning it can store everything from soups and stews to snack-size baby foods. Plus, they are see-through, reusable and easy to clean, which is handy for tomato-based dishes.


A good set of airtight containers

Airtight containers such as our Daily range are always a yes for your kitchen.

Not only are they great for storing half-open sauces in the fridge, but they are also a great option for on the run eating. Simply pop your food inside, lock it with our leak-proof clip system and go about your day – no need to worry about any spills or stains in your bag. Simple as that.

Plus, they are BPA-free and come in three colours and five different sizes.


Storage solutions to keep your pantry neat

Keeping your pantry tidy is not only super convenient and useful but also visually pleasing. When all your food is organised and clearly visible, it will inspire you to cook more and save you a lot of time and stress.

Our pantry range is BPA free, stackable and airtight, but best of all they are see-through containers, so you will know exactly where everything is, making it easier to see what needs to be added to your shopping list.

Plus, they come in various shapes and sizes so you can accommodate all your pantry items – from spices to pasta, flour to nuts and everything in between.


Gadgets you can’t live without

Let’s face it; everyone needs a can opener because you can never trust ring pulls. Our can opener is super sturdy. It won’t rust, stain, pit, or corrode, so you buy it once, and you have it for a lifetime. Bonus use – it also comes with a built-in bottle opener.

If you just love garlic as much as we do, you need a kitchen tool that does the work for you. Our garlic press easily crushes your garlic and comes with a built-in cleaner.


Up your whisking game with different sizes

One whisk alone won’t do the job. Whisks come in all shapes and sizes, and each type is designed to serve a different purpose or combine certain ingredients more effectively.

We offer two sizes of the traditional balloon whisk to cover you for ‘everyday’ whisking tasks. The balloon whisk has wires formed into large loops, which gives it a ‘balloon shape’. The larger size is great for mixing thick batters and a multitude of ingredients, while the smaller size is perfect for smaller quantities and bowls. For example, if you need to scramble up a couple of eggs quickly, this is your go-to.

Both whisks come with a non-slip handle for ultimate comfort and sturdy stainless-steel wires.


Sharp graters are life-changing

Talk about kitchen essentials – no kitchen is complete without a good grater! Graters are excellent tools for grating cheese, citrus fruits, spices, garlic, chocolate, and even onions. If you do a good deal of baking, you should not overlook the value of having a quality grater in your kitchen.

Look out for the sharpness of the grater. A good one should be able to cut through hard vegetables or soft cheeses efficiently. You shouldn’t meet a lot of resistance when shredding or slicing. The results should be consistent enough to cook evenly or look attractive as a garnish.

ClickClack has three different styles to meet all your needs: a fine zester for citrus fruits, a coarse hand grater that does it all and a cone grater that features gives you all options from coarse and fine to extra fine.

So, there you have it…a perfect list of all your kitchen essentials. Happy shopping!

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