The inspiration behind ClickClack’s award-winning kitchen gadgets

The inspiration behind ClickClack’s award-winning kitchen gadgets

A conversation with Alquemy Design Director and Co-founder, David Knott. 

If you love cooking and entertaining at home, then you’ll love ClickClack’s range of elegant kitchen gadgets, designed to perform and stand out in any kitchen.

The award-winning kitchen gadget range, which comes in the stylish Polished Bronze or Polished Chrome, was created in collaboration with boutique Australian studio and experts in the science of art and industrial design, Alquemy. The range features refined and elegant utensils with a unique and elevated aesthetic.

We chat to Alquemy Design Director and Founder, David Knott about the award-winning kitchen gadget range and the inspiration behind the design.


ClickClack: Tell us about the design? 

David Knott: ClickClack is an iconic brand and very well-known in the storage space. They came to us because they wanted to grow and move into other product categories, and that’s really where this brief was born.

The design had to be unique to have an obvious shelf presence and stand out in the kitchen. At the same time, it had to be cost effective in a sense that it had to compete with existing products, so it was important to ensure the range was manufactured using the right materials and at the right price point.


ClickClack: What was the inspiration behind the design?

David Knott: The inspiration behind the gadget design was two fold. Our team at Alquemy researched and observed that many products on offer in the market had a masculine chunky look and feel, so we wanted to change that and offer consumers an alternative that was both stylish and functional.

Consumers spend thousands of dollars creating beautiful kitchens, so we identified and embraced the opportunity to design gadgets that were in line with interior design trends, colours and form. We wanted to create a range that would sit beautifully within an interior design space and one that would make consumers proud to display in their kitchens.

Secondly and equally as important was looking at the ergonomics of the gadgets. We looked at the functionality of the handle, ensuring it wasn’t too chunky. We concentrated on creating a handle size and form that felt comfortable for people of all sizes.

We also looked at how the utensils felt in the hand in terms of the weight and really getting that balance right whether it’s for a ladle, spatula or peeler. A properly balanced utensil is a pleasure to use and a reflection on the quality of the product.

That’s really where and how the inspiration for the metal end cap came about. It gave us an opportuntiy to develop a little bit of weight at the end of the handle as well as create a truly recognisable, decorative element.


ClickClack: In late 2018, judges at the 60th Annual Good Design Awards cottoned on to the design, honouring ClickClack and Alquemy with a prestigious award in the Product Design category for its kitchen gagdets. Congratulations on this great win!

We’re very proud to have been recognised for our work with ClickClack by our peers and a jury of design experts. It’s truly one of the hardest awards to win.

The award gave ClickClack a successful launch into a very saturated and highly competitive space. It also validated our strategic vision and design choices to create such a unique looking range for this particular market segment.

ClickClack products are truly world-class and the quality is incredible. This is the sort of products passionate home cooks love to use, because it is super stylish combined with quality in every detail.


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