It’s getting spooky: The Ultimate Guide To Your Halloween Party 

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It’s getting spooky: The Ultimate Guide To Your Halloween Party 

Creep it real this Halloween with a spooky, fun-filled bash for all your family and friends to enjoy. Invite your nearest and dearest round for some skele-fun with these great Halloween party decorations and snacks to share around.
Remember that dressing up your house will really add to the experience for you and your guests. If you’ve got it, haunt it! Halloween party decorations are fun and can be easy to pull together.

Halloween party decorations: Let’s get carving

First things first, no Halloween party is complete without carved pumpkins around the house and on the porch, lit with a little tealight. But why not turn this decoration into a party game too?
 Prep the pumpkins by scooping out the insides ahead of time and lay a working table out with a few tools to get people started. For younger guests, leave out pens, stickers, paper and glue or even paint which can be used to decorate rather than carve. 
Pop some tea lights inside the carved pumpkins and dot around the house for a spooky effect. Any leftover pumpkins can be filled with ice and used as eskys across the house!

Take your Halloween party decor to the next level

Don’t forget to get your house scare-ready with some other simple decoration hacks. The easiest place to start is with a spiders’ web – which you can make with some simple black string and a couple of paper spiders. String up three long pieces of wool which all cross over in the middle. Tape down securely, before weaving another long piece of string around the others in a web effect. Finally, tape your paper spiders on. Remember, any ‘imperfections’ in your web will make it look even creepier!

Add some lightning effects

For a spooky lighting effect, set up a torch facing a corner wall and tape another paper spider (or another shape, such as a cat or ghost) over the top of the light to create a shadow on the wall.
For a standalone piece, find a strong branch (or multiple) which you can easily pot with some soil and moss. Stick on a series of paper bats on the branch tips to look like a spooky forest scene. Dress up with some fairy lights too for a nighttime effect.

Surprise and delight with ghoulish snacks

Serve up a scare with some hair-raising treats to surprise and delight your guests. For example, we love these white chocolate ghosts by Good Housekeeping, which are made simply by melting white chocolate and letting it re-set into little ghost shapes which you can create with a spoon!

Turn your sandwiches, cookies and other hand-held treats quickly into Halloween-ready snacks with a bat, cat or ghost shape cookie-cutter. For effect, add ‘eyes’ or ‘blood’ with chocolate drops, raisins, ketchup or jam depending on the dish. Most importantly, you can prepare all of these Halloween party snacks in advance, and they’ll stay fresh if you store them correctly. Our Daily Range provides you with a 100% airtight, leak-proof and BPA-free solution.

Finally, use some red food colouring to turn any of your drinks a ghoulish red colour!

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