The Ultimate Guide to the ClickClack 10-Piece Sets

The Ultimate Guide to the ClickClack 10-Piece Sets

Keeping an organised pantry is not only incredibly satisfying to look at but is also key to maintaining order and a clear mind. Theres nothing worse than having to shuffle things around the clutter of an overpacked shelf, which is why we love the sense of ease that comes from our 10-piece sets. Plus, with three different sets to choose from, theres a solution for every need.

For the ultimate kitchen set up, pack your containers with snacks then store and stack. Keeping food in air-tight containers will help your snacks remain fresh and save space, therefore leaving more room for the things you love. Another huge bonus is being able to see stock levels at one glance, if you dont already practice container stacking youll never go without again!

Difference between the 10-Piece Basics and Pantry Sets

Perfect for all of your storage needs, each of our sets have got you covered when it comes to sorting your cupboard space and keeping food fresh! All of our containers feature airtight seals, are stackable and are BPA-free making them fundamental to your pantry, countertop or fridge.

Starting with our Basics 10-Piece Set, ideal for packing both fresh and dry ingredients, this set does the lot. It also features an easy lock lid with tabs that snap down to secure and is a versatile option for both the fridge and pantry. The set includes: 1x 0.4L, 1x 0.8L, 2x 0.9L, 1x 1.2L, 2x 1.9L, 2x 2.4L, 1x 4.3L.

ClickClack_10pc basics_dimensions

Next, our Pantry Storage Cube 10-Piece Set is your best friend for storing snacks and keeping baking ingredients fresh for when you’re next cooking up a storm. This stylish set stacks comfortably within any pantry and like each of our 10-piece sets offers a range of sizes.  Includes: 1x 0.9L, 2x 1.4L, 2x 1.9L, 2x 2.8L, 2x 3.3L, 1x 4.3L.

ClickClack_10pc cube_dimensions

Lastly, our Pantry Storage Round 10-Piece Set is the round version of our cube set and offers the same great features. This includes: 2x 0.6L, 1x 1.0L, 2x 1.6L, 2x 2.3L, 2x 3.2L, 1x 4.0L.

ClickClack_10pc round_dimensions

What fits in each container

For those who are stuck on what ingredients or snacks will fit into which container, weve got you covered. The great thing about our 10-piece sets is that you receive a range of sizes suited to every need. However, to give you an idea for where to start weve put together this break down:

  • Large sizes (such as 3.2L, 3.3L, 4.0L & 4.3L): These are good for staple items like flour or sugar (approx. 1.5-2kg bags), but also for short pasta such as penne.
  • Medium sizes (such as 1.4L. 1.9L, 2.3L & 2.4L): A 1kg bag of brown sugar, shredded coconut or cereals fit perfectly in here. These sizes are also great for 500g bags of nuts, oats or similar items. In addition, you can use the medium sizes of the Basics Range also for leftovers to store in the fridge.
  • Small sizes (such as 0.4L, 0.6L, 0.8L & 0.9L): These small containers are ideal for smaller quantities of dry foods such as baking soda, cocoa powder or bread crumbs. They are also great for herbs and spices, but also ideal for berries, vegetables or cheeses if you’re using the Basics Range for the fridge.

How to track expiry dates

To track the expiry dates, use reusable labels or write the expiry date on masking tape and stick it discretely on the container. Alternatively, erasable labels such as chalkboard stickers are also a great option for keeping track. Finally, you can also simply cut out and stick on the expiry date and instructions from the packaging to the containers.

We also recommend using a FIFO system, meaning first in first out’. To put this plan into action, label your food with the dates you store them and put the older foods in front or on top. This will help you keep track of what needs to be eaten first and creates a faultless rotation system. The result, less waste and more organisation – its a win/win!

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