The Ultimate Cooking and Organising Gift Guide

The Ultimate Cooking and Organising Gift Guide

While Christmas is full of excitement and wonder, sometimes it can be really tricky trying to find the perfect gift. This year, we’re taking the guesswork out of your Christmas shopping – so you can find something everyone will love. This ultimate cooking gift and organising gift guide is full of ideas for your favourite people that love to spend time in the kitchen and at home. Keep on reading for plenty of thoughtful and homemade gift ideas for your loved ones.

Cooking gift ideas for home chefs

For that special someone who is always cooking up a storm and treating you with all kinds of delicious home-cooked meals. Return the favour and support their passion for food with a ClickClack Gadget Set. You can mix and match between utensils to suit every aspiring chef’s needs. From the assorted spoons to the fine zester, the possibilities for foodie creation will be endless! All our gadgets are made from stainless steel and are built to last. Plus, they are very good looking.

For a gift that keeps on giving, pair this with a customised recipe book to really wow them on Christmas day! Create a book filled with your or your family’s favourite recipes and add some photos to make it truly unique. Another great addition would be a personalised apron – check out Etsy for some great small businesses in this area.

ClickClack Christmas Tree

Baking gift ideas for your sweet-tooth friends

For the friend who loves to bake, a layered recipe in a jar could be the perfect DIY homemade gift. This idea is inexpensive yet thoughtful. We love these Christmas cookies recipes form Sally’s Baking Addiction. They are purposely made to fit in a jar and equipped with printable stickers, tags and the recipe itself. Complete this with a stylish measuring set or a sleek-looking scale for the icing on the cake!

Organisational gift ideas for neat freaks

Got a loved one that is obsessed with keeping everything in order and presented to perfection? Make their day with our Pantry Storage 10 Piece Set and soon their cupboards will be the definition of pantry goals. For more options, everything from our Pantry Range is airtight and easy to stack for optimised use and presentation. To really spoil this person include Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’.

Gift ideas for coffee lovers

Don’t forget the coffee addict in your group! For them, nothing beats the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. That’s why we recommend selecting some of their favourite coffee beans, paired with our Display Cube Airtight Container. The tinted base protects the coffee beans and keeps them fresh – captivating your friend with the perfect brew every time.

A thoughtful gift for your best friend

Show your best friend how special they are by giving them the gift of homemade biscuits – because the best way to the heart is through the tummy. To keep in the Christmas spirit, we love this shortbread recipe from Jamie Oliver. Gift your homemade goodies with our Daily Food Storage Container to keep these special treats fresh and delicious.

Coming up with special gifts for loved ones is all part of the fun! Whether you want to go all out or keep it simple, there are many ways to get involved and spread the Christmas cheer.

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