Egg decoration fun: Get your home ready for Easter!

coloured easter eggs

Egg decoration fun: Get your home ready for Easter!

These top tips for Easter egg decorating will brighten your home – and give you a fun afternoon with the family.

One of the best arts and crafts activities at this time of year is Easter egg decorating. Once finished, the overall effect brightens any home with a beautiful, seasonal feel. Here are some fun ways to decorate your eggs – perhaps in ways you haven’t tried before!

Tie-dye eggs

Did you know that you can create a tie-dye effect on eggs with a simple method? All you need is a paper towel, some vinegar and food colouring.

Simply wrap the egg in a towel with a light touch of vinegar. When ready, press your food colouring bottles against the towel and leave the egg to transform! After a few minutes, peel off the paper towel and you’ll see the magic beneath.

Metallic-Sponged Eggs

Are you looking for an egg design which will match your smart interiors?

Why not try painting your eggs in your chosen colour, then leave to dry. When ready, dab a sponge in gold acrylic paint and carefully press against the egg for a marbled effect. Once dry, be sure to hang in an area with lots of natural light to sparkle!

Geometric Lines

Wrap your eggs in a string (try and make this as tight as possible!) – then dip into a dye bath. Once fully dried, untie the string and you’ll be left with a modern, geometric-inspired egg.

Be sure to mix up the colours of your eggs for a multicoloured display.

Pressed Flower Eggs

Head to a garden and choose a few small flowers or grasses, then press and dry thoroughly. When ready, carefully glue onto a painted egg for a natural-looking finish. We recommend adding a few more coats of glue over the top to seal.

Polka-dot Eggs

Some of the simplest designs are the most effective. Once your egg is painted and dry, dot on some puff or acrylic paint. Don’t forget to let each side dry thoroughly before continuing!

Mosaic Eggs

Once you have a set of painted eggs, smash a couple and glue the shell pieces onto another egg for a mosaic effect. It’s painful to smash up your beautiful creation, but rest assured the final effect is mesmerising!

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