Is Minimalist Living The New Living Large?

Is Minimalist Living The New Living Large?

We take a quick look into the new ‘less is more’ lifestyle.

We love being clean and minimal. Our pantry inspirations are always the ones beautifully organised, labelled and clutter free. We’ve all ‘KonMari’d’ our homes at some time last year, and we’ll probably do it again soon. We have no shame admitting this, in fact we encourage our Click Clack Community to declutter away.

Why Is Everyone Kondo-ing Themselves?

Marie Kondo is a ‘tidying expert’ and blew up Netflix with hit show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo’. Her bestselling book and tv series takes decluttering to a whole new astronomical level, teaching that if you properly simplify and organize your home, you’ll never have to do it again AND you’ll bring much more joy into your life. This craze has piggy-backed on (or catapulted, not sure) the minimalist trend of living, and has brought the discussion of minimalism to the forefront of the culture. The KonMari Method TM has become a global phenomenon.  She’s become, quite literally,  a verb:  ‘What are you doing this weekend?’ ‘Oh, i’m finally Kondo-ing my pantry.’ Totally normal.


“…having cupboards overflowing with things do not necessarily make one’s life richer.”


But when we stop and look at our pristine benchtops, drawers with its immaculately folded erect clothes, and the mountainous pile of old things that are suddenly offensive as they didn’t ‘spark us joy’ – is the ‘living less lifestyle’  actually good for you?

And the answer is a resounding ‘yaaaas’.  People who live simply in quiet areas with nature as their playground and zero wi-fi – are, research has stated – happier and more ‘content compared to their first-world, high tech, concrete-jungle counterparts.  We are now living in a generation less interested in material objects, and more passionate about ‘real’ experiences, pared-back design and minimal, efficient living spaces.  This reinforces the notion that having cupboards overflowing with things do not necessarily make one’s life richer.

Sometimes all you need is 3-4 utensils in a kitchen. Our good looking gadgets are perfect because they are clean and durable and very very good looking.

Minimalist living is misconstrued in that people think they need to empty out their homes of all possessions, and eat dinner by candlelight. Living less is changing our attitude towards attachment and consumption. Its ok to own things, yes, but there’s more of a focus on things that actually make our lives more abundant in a deep-inside-your-chest way, and eliminating those that do not.


Everyday Hacks for Living Simply

Still a little unsure? Need a little help getting started? Here are some everyday hacks by yours truly to help you live a little simpler, slowly.

  1. Start with your wardrobe.
    Look. Guarantee you’ll find tops with price tags still attached to them, or old mismatched socks with holes in them. Dump all your clothes on the bed and throw out pieces that you haven’t worn in the last 12 months. Ask yourself if you’ll actually wear them in the next 6 months. Donate. Sell them on Facebook Marketplace. Then whatever’s left, fold nicely and put away.
  2. Trim Your Wallet & Your Handbags.
    Receipts from 2015? Old tissues, random movie stubbs (do these even exist anymore?) Declutter the one thing that you carry with you at all times. Who needs the unnecessary weight? We all have enough baggage.
  3. Less Social Media.
    Have one full day (or start with one hour!) a week where you leave your phone in a different room, or in a drawer, and do something offline. Watch a movie without checking Instagram. Water the plants! Do Number 1 on this list! Decluttering doesn’t only apply to physical spaces, do it for your mind palace!
  4. Tidy Up Those Tiny Places You Said You’d Do Last Year.
    Your pantry. The little linen closet. The spare room that’s turned into storage space. That bottom drawer full of strange, random things. Invest in clear containers (our Daily Range *ahem* are really good for these), and store bits and bobs and stack them away.
  5. Clear Your Desktop.
    If you spend the majority of your days in front of a computer, it’s a good idea to declutter your desktop too. Delete all those screenshots that are cluttering your screen, create folders for random files, or store images, videos and other documents up on the cloud. Free up your line of vision. While you’re at it, choose a super calming image or a photo of a cute fluffy kitten as your Wallpaper. Whatever sparks joy.

So next time you open your kitchen cupboard doors, pick something up and ask: “Do I really need this half-empty packet of – what even is this!? – from 2014?”  The impact of removing objects that don’t make us happy, and how this influences our daily lives beyond superficial things are the things you should take away from living clutter free. If something in your pantry or fridge does not spark joy, especially in the nose-fragrant section, throw it away with aplomb.

But if you find an old chipped coffee mug that says “World’s No. 1 Mum” and your heart cries at the thought of chucking it away, hold on to it. Remembering the often-forgotten trait of gratitude is really the main idea of living simply.

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