Tips on Entertaining at Home

Tips on Entertaining at Home

We love the idea of sitting back and relaxing while someone takes care of the preparation, cooking and clean up for our favourite meals, but there is something special about treating your closest friends and family to an intimate dining experience in the comfort of your own, cosy home.

Contrary to popular opinion, the effort of home entertaining can be worth your hassle of putting the night together. We’ve put together some top tips for curating the perfect setting for your guests and offering a truly memorable experience, irrespective of the occasion you’re celebrating.

Whether you’re going for a lights down, music up celebratory vibe or a windows open, spring entertaining feel, it’s important to get the ambience right.

You may already have an idea on how you’d like the occasion to play out, and this is where you may have drawn inspiration for the ambience. If you haven’t decided yet, it’s as simple as that. Think about the experience you’d like to offer your guests – and recreate it in a way that feels comfortable and that represents you (after all, it’s your home).

In spring, entertaining is best with pops of colour, seasonal meals and fresh air – draw the windows and introduce floral scents through candles or fresh garden picks. This also tends to work well for those beautiful balmy summer nights. Entertaining in the colder months? Allow the ambience to grow a little moodier with deeper scents, dim lights, your most comfortable throw rugs and an abundance of cushions on display for a cosy feel.

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, because preparation really is key.

We suggest cooking the elements to your meal and allowing them to chill, or where served hot, kept on a low heat whilst your occasion begins. Not only will this help set your ambience by introducing the delicious smells of a home cooked meal, but it will also allow you to spend the quality time with your guests and sit back, relax and enjoy the cheese and crackers with them.

Use our Cook+ range to store your freshly made salads to serve, or cooked vegetables to keep them crispy and fresh. The range’s high-temperature silicone lid can stay on whether you’re using them to cook, heat or freeze. The clever glass base is also thermal shock-resistant, which means they can go straight from the fridge to the oven, no problem.

Another oldie, but an absolute goodie. This is where you’re allowed to get creative and allow the scene to reflect your personal style and the ambience you’re trying to achieve.

Whether your occasion be seasonally-based on spring with the introduction of colours and fresh ingredients, or more party-centric with buffet-friendly options – they way in which you present it can make your night aesthetically-pleasing, and more importantly, completely #Instagrammable.

Using transparent bowls or colourful containers in the warmer months can help your table seem less cluttered and more organised. Our Cook+ and Daily range will help you here, particularly as both ranges allow for a quick transition from the table to the fridge with clever easy-lock clips and airtight features. Not to mention their incredible colours and clear transparency of the Cook+ range.

How many times have you entertained guests at home and focused so much energy into the lead up and preparation, that you didn’t consider the clean up until you looked at your kitchen afterward and wished the occasion never happened?

If the answer is many times, trust us – you’re not alone. The term ‘preparation is key’ is suitable to this part of the event too. Luckily for you, this is where we come in, so that you can stop wishing the day or night never happened.

Our Cook+ and Daily ranges are so versatile and convenient. They’re made to have the lid put straight back on. There is absolutely nothing left for you to clean up or worry about. The airtight and durable features will allow your food to remain fresh for days, providing you extra delicious leftover for tomorrow. Now THAT is successfully preparing for the aftermath.

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